jetBook Color EDU.12 - Educational eTextbook Tablet with Test System, Home Assignments, Remote Tutoring and eBook studies


The jetBook Color eTextbook Tablet breaks through the educational market and offers students and teachers the ability to save money on books while providing unlimited teaching resources. The jetBook Color eTextbook Tablet is the world's first to utilize eye-friendly Color E Ink technology in an eTextbook Tablet oriented solely towards education.

The main screen serves as an ID card for the student displaying a schedule of classes (updated daily via Wi-Fi), list of student's and teacher's notes, homework and classwork, and a designated channel for instant communication with any teacher. The same home screen will boast an application list based on student's grade and classes with the following topics: My Library, eTextbooks in work, Classwork and Homework, Reading Support, Languages and Games, Science and Math. Subsections within these applications will aid students to be on top of their classwork and pair technology with the classroom creating a fully interactive and intellectually stimulating environment connected to worldwide educational resources.

Along with the most sophisticated and functional eBook reader software, the product features the content of a 50-state reading list, teachers and school administrators resources, parents support and advices, and a fully interactive SAT course that will train, test, and raise students' SAT scores. A Speed Reading course that will teach them to read and comprehend text faster, Translating Dictionaries narrated by professional linguists, course of English and foreign language grammar, speech recognition and speech analysis based phonetic Language Teacher and U-Learn courses that teach a language and provide great support to ESL students. Pictured dictionaries for 36 languages, cross translator for 180 languages, Vocabulary Builder, Linguistic Crosswords, reference materials in Math, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geography and Earth Science, Interactive Periodic Table of Elements, graphing and scientific calculators.

The list of supporting technologies include a multilingual speech recognition module, text-to-speech module for pronunciation of books, machine translation technology that is able to translate anything from one sentence to an entire book in a matter of seconds. Script character recognition in combination with an EMT panel allows students to write on the screen, convert their script into typed characters and helps teachers to check assignments (replacing paper for classwork and homework to reduce waste and save time). Multilingual optical character recognition technology built into a handheld scanner that connects to the device provides quick transfer of printed text into digital format. The jetBook Color is the only device in the world to use the extremely safe and eye friendly technology of Color e-Ink. The 9.68" PVI EPD screen with a display resolution of 1600 (H) * 1200 (W) is exceptionally crisp, clear, and fast. The touch panel uses Electromagnetic Resonance Technology which allows students and teachers to freely take notes anywhere on the unit when necessary. With a dynamic speaker system and a Freescale i.MX508 800MHz with ARM Cortex A8 CPU the unit has instant response and functionality oriented towards an active student's or teacher's lifestyle. The rechargeable 2350mAh Lithium-Polymer battery lasts for 10,000 page turns on a single charge without compromising screen quality. The front side of the unit has a durable and antibacterial layer of paint in black or white with a rubberized paint job on the back of the unit to limit the possibility of it slipping off any desk or other surface. The new technology of Color e-Ink requires the highest level of quality control and testing. All units are passed through rigorous exams to ensure durability and overall lifespan.

The sleek and durable design is available in 2 colors, black and white. The front side is covered with an antibacterial layer of paint while the back side is covered with rubber paint to prevent the unit from slipping off a desk. The unit comes with a leather pouch and an optional handheld Ectaco/C-Pen scanner for scanning and loading printed materials into the device when needed. The jetBook Color is oriented specifically toward education, students, and teachers with a simple and easy to use interface that was recommended by leading educators. The jetBook Color can utilize up to 32GB of space via a Micro SD card designated for eTextbooks, interactive programs, homework, classwork, exams, notes, schedules, and more. The jetBook Color is intended to be used in the US educational system starting 2012.

Currently, states across the US are mandating a switch to an eTextbook format over the original paper textbook method to cut costs and limit the destruction of forests. The jetBook Color holds thousands of books, study courses and tests to provide an effective way of remote education for those who temporarily cannot attend school. Students are ready to move into the future and not carry 25 pound backpacks every day.

The jetBook Color will provide an immensely positive change to the current educational market by cutting costs dramatically for schools and parents, and reduce the impact on our environment. With a collective amount of know-how and unique technology, the Ectaco jetBook Color is the next generation device to be implemented across schools in the US.

October 2012 update contained the following new additions:

Main Changes:

  • Optimization and speed improvements for most features and programs
  • New look for Main menu buttons through color enhancements
  • Added support for Microsoft Word Documents (.Doc)
  • Added support for zipped FB2 files (FB2 in Zip archive)
  • Device personalization section allows you to add your name, info and picture
  • Easier Switching between Wi-Fi access points with a new on-screen button
  • Addition of font styles for TXT and FB2 books
  • OK button now will allow you to change the page
  • Interface language increased to 15

Further Improvements:

  • Increased stability of the Keyboard Lock feature
  • Increased stability of DjVu format files
  • General fixes to the internet library section
  • Optimization to voice commends for apps and for menu features.
CES 2012 Innovation Award Winner Ectaco jetBook Color on Fox News


Detailed informationAdvanced search
Detailed informationSpeech recognition English
Detailed informationSpell-checker
Detailed informationIrregular verbs
Detailed informationNew word recording
Detailed informationElectronic grammar book
Detailed informationFull sentence translation

Detailed informationBuilt-in memory
Detailed informationDisplay 9.68'', 1600x1200 px, with special stylus
Detailed informationTouchscreen
Detailed informationHeadphones jack
Detailed informationPC connection
Detailed informationAC adapter connection
Detailed informationBattery Lithium-polymer rechargeable battery: 3.7V, 2350 mAh
Detailed informationDimensions (WxHxD) 270 x 188 x 11.5 mm
Detailed informationWeight 23.4 oz (662 g)

Detailed informationLocal time
Detailed informationVoice English
Detailed informationText-to-Speech output English
Detailed informationIdioms Yes
Detailed informationCommonly used phrases 14,000

Value pack
Detailed informationSlim case Yes
Detailed information1-year warranty

Detailed informationMath calculator
Detailed informationScientific Calculator
Detailed informationLoan calculator
Detailed informationGraphing calculator
Detailed informationMetric conversion

Other features
Detailed informationGames 7
Detailed informationWorld Factbook
Detailed informationOrganizer
Detailed informationScientific references Geography, Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Calculus, General Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Physics, Earth Science, Biology
Detailed informationSAT preparation course
Detailed informationeBook Reader
Detailed informationU-Learn™ course
Detailed informationPictured dictionary
Detailed informationLinguistic crossword
Detailed informationPeriodic table of elements